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This is the first time I've submitted a game for a game jam! I've worked on plenty of games, haven't really finished any. I figured joining a game jam would help me minimize the scope of my game and get it completed in a short time. Did it work? Yes and no. This game is technically done. It is beatable, though admittedly for the player it'll probably seem very trial-and-error. The balance of this game is either too easy or too difficult, and I wanted to fix that, but with so little time, I have to release it as is, but hopefully in the future, I'll make a game in a similar style that'll be made better! I'll be happy to hear your thoughts!

Now, to actually explain the game, you play as a kid who gets his hands on a Dreamboat; a boat that lets you sail from dream to dream! He plans on sailing to other peoples' dreams to gather a mighty crew, defeat enemies, and grow stronger so that he can defeat the main villain, George! This game is a sandbox turn-based combat RPG game. You can recruit people to your crew, fight enemies to grow stronger, or visit question houses to choose an upgrade. There are no requirements to face the boss. You can fight the boss any time! Of course, you'll need to upgrade your character in order to stand a chance. Once you lose, you'll have to restart from the very beginning, but it's not a very long game.

Music by: https://m.soundcloud.com/creative-hippo


Dream_of_Adventure.exe 2 MB


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